Gum disease, is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Improper care of gums  can lead to gum diseases such as  gingivitis(pyorreah – inflammation of gums) ,or periodontitis(inflammation of the periodontium surrounding the tooth). If left untreated – it can lead to loss of tooth.

Ginigivitis (Pyorrea) –  Its usually associated with change in color (from coral pink to red) and bleeding gums.

Causes for gingivitis :

* poor oral hygiene

 *habits such as smoking, pan chewing etc..

* Gingivitis is also seen during pregnancy in some women owing to hormonal changes.

* Improper alignment of teeth  can lead to ineffective brushing.

*Nutritional deficiencies – like Vit B7,B12

*Autoimmune disorders such as Lichen planus, Psoriasis, Lupus Erythematosus

*Pericoronitis – inflammation of gums around the erupting teeth

 Prevention :

*Visit your dentist regularly – once every 3 months is ideal.

The dentist will teach you the correct technique of brushing, the right use of toothpaste and different oral hygiene aids like floss, water flosser, interdental brushes etc. The dentist also will advice nutritional supplements if any deficiencies is detected and treatment for the same.

*Mouthwashes are not be used unless prescribed a dentist. Rinsing with warm salt water is the best natural mouthwash.

*Pregnant women have to take special care about their gums and teeth and maintain meticulous oral hygiene. First trimester is the safest time to seek dental advice and have your teeth cleaned.

* Malaligned teeth can also be aligned with braces thereby improving the health of the gums.

We provide a full range of periodontal care including periodontal nonsurgical treatments as well as advanced surgery ,bone grafting, procedures, laser assisted soft tissue procedures like Frenectomy, crown lengthen etc, root coverage, depigmentation and pocket reduction. We are also dedicated to educate our patients about the scientific link between periodontal disease and systemic disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and complications during pregnancy.