Some people have gums that are simply too big when they smile. This is caused when gum tissue overgrows to cover more of the tooth that it should. To reshape the gum, we perform gingival recontouring, using a very safe and effective diode laser.


Gingivectomy is the surgical removal of infected and diseased gum tissue, which is performed to arrest the progress of periodontal diseases . We perform gingivectomies using a very safe and effective e diode laser.

Periodontal diseases : Plaque is a bio film of bacteria that is found over natural teeth , when plaque formation increases at the point where gums and teeth meet, the bacteria start to irritate the soft tissue . As a result, the gums may swell and there may be bleeding when brushing teeth. There are basically two stages of the infection. The initial stage is called gingivitis. In this stage the gums are irritated and there is swelling. There can be foul smell because of the infection if left untreated, the plaque accumulation continues and the bacteria start to detach the gums from the teeth to form gum pockets. The gums recede towards the root of natural teeth and there will be tooth loss- this second phase is periodontitis.


Frenectomy is the removal of a frenulum, a section of tissue that is attached to the gingival tissue between two teeth .We perform frenectomies using a very safe and effective diode laser.